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What does an editor do?


An editor reads your manuscript for plot development, language, style, character development, cultural content, appropriate representation, and other aspects of your writing, including anything you ask me to look at specifically. My suggestions will guide you as you revise and rewrite your story.

How much will it cost?
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For information on getting your manuscript ready for editing, check out the documents and videos available at these links:

As editor, I charge $75 for your first project with me, to review and comment on a comprehension-based novel under 7,500 words. I will read your manuscript and write up my comments in an editorial letter sent via email. 

This includes up to half an hour follow-up communication.

Any further reading and commentary at the editorial level is billed at $38 per hour.

All subsequent projects will be billed at $38 per hour.

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Anny Ewing, editor

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